Socket Recv Error 10054 Socket Closed

Outlook express Error codes for troubleshooting – 0x800CCC09 CONN_RECV 0x800CCC0A INCOMPLETE. DROPPED Connection closed. 0x800CCC10 INVALID_ADDRESS Address not known on server. 0x800CCC11 INVALID_ADDRESS_LIST Mailing list not known on. Irregular socket…Continue Reading →

Line Error Debug

You can set TF_LOG to one of the log levels TRACE , DEBUG , INFO , WARN or ERROR to…


Icverify Host Error

icverify & host error not connected to host – Computers & Internet question You ll note that the pre-filled information will reflect the machine name T2 Invalid ABA Invalid ABA…Continue Reading →

Pervasive Error 3105

Jul 14, 2004  · Pervasive 2000i connect to Win XP client – Any idea y I cant connect Pervasive 2000i client(XP…


Bookr 8.1 Error

Fixed "The game could not be started.(80020148)" error. It works perfectly on 5.50 GEN-D3. Como leer archivos PDF/TXT en PSP…


Error 8072 Apple

Can you determine what the file's permissions are? Both the original and whatever scrap of it is on your NAS. If you don't have permission for the operation then it.…Continue Reading →

Error Code 2000-0142

Welcome to Dell's Interactive Support Agent. I can guide you to solutions for common technical issues with your Dell product.…